Ghosts of Shepherdstown

Later this month, the new season of GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN will be premiering on the Destination America network. I'm in one of the episodes. After the one I'm in premieres, I can share some pictures from the set. I can't tell you what the episode is about, but I can tell you that it's a bit gory and suspenseful. MWAHAHAHA.

Acting Classes

For the past month, I've been taking a great acting class in NYC at Anthony Meindel studio. Each week I discover something new about myself as I break down my own barriers to become a better actor. Well, the other day on my drive home, I wanted to see if my old 60G iPod still worked. It did and I found this classic to sing along with as I cruised down the NJT. Now, what does this have to do with my acting classes? In a word: confidence.

On screen, I've been a brutal killer, a lover (straight and gay), a con artist, a warrior, a ring fighter, a doctor, etc. Singing is sort of new. I did sing in my Navy boot camp choir, but that was well over 20 years ago! Anyway, it was good fun to sing to one of my favorite childhood songs. Baloo, you are the best.


Wrapped! Another shoot until 4am. Hell yeah! As long as I'm loving what I'm doing and have Broadway tunes to sing on the way home, I'm good! Well, goodnight. Shhhhh! Go back to bed birds.



This past acting/modeling week isn't over yet. On my drive home from the semifinals for the Take Ten play festival, I got some great news about our performance in DUET. That's how I felt after reading it. Thanks again Patrick and Jake King. One final performance today at 3.


Performance Night!

Tonight's performance of DUET was well received by the audience. My partner, Patrick, and I were so well prepared under our director's, Jake King, guidance that we weren't worried at all. We perform it again. Thursday night.


It's a Wrap!

4:30am WRAP!
Well, it's been quite awhile since I've done a 16 1/2 hour acting work day. Sure it was long and there was a large amount to shoot, but day 2 of RECLUSE is in the books. It was great fun to work with trained martial artists and MMA fighters. Now I can refocus on Tuesday and Thursday's performances of DUET, Wednesday's shoot for RECLUSE, aaaaaand Thursday's audition. I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it.



One of the things I really enjoy about acting is that you get to be someone you're not. Now, you do bring a certain amount of yourself to the role, but it's all part of the craft. Anyway, today I'm stepping into a new arena and being trained by an MMA fighter to make my character in RECLUSE be more bad ass in some gym training and fight scenes. I'm really not sure what to expect, but after watching this video, it got me amped up. This is going to be so much fun!


Starting in April, I'm going to be filming several scenes for this series. RECLUSE is a rather ruthless and hard hitting crime drama. It's going to be fun! Oh, I'm going to get MMA training for this, too.

Check out the facebook page for more information here.

Happy Aloha Friday!

This is crushing my soul a bit. I'm sitting in my hotel room, waiting until my call time for a national tv show being filmed locally here in WV. The waiting isn't crushing me, it's the huge mental mountain I'm staring at since last night.

It's Open season in the world of CrossFit. 17.1 is taunting me and I want to attack it. Dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs. Lots of them. I'm just excited to participate because I had to drop out of the Open last year due to injuring my right knee. I'm feeling so much more comfortable with my all around fitness and have been working out without my knee brace and sleeves for months. Ugh. I want to do it now, but I can't risk being overly exhausted or injured before filming. I can't do it during the weekend because I'm at an intensive acting seminar all weekend in NYC.

I know...whaaaaaa!

Anyway, have a great weekend and Happy Aloha Friday!


New Print Work!

My last modeling job of 2016 was for the tristate heating/AC company HORIZON. They were two fun days on set. It's nice to actually see the result of your work. Just as the HORIZON ads are now in circulation, a friend in Connecticut let me know that I'm in the break room at her RITEAID. I did some work for them two years ago. One was a training film and the other was a photo shoot. Again, it's nice to see the result of the work I did.


Deadlifts and monologues

For the past two weeks, I've been working at perfecting my enunciation, body language, and emotions for three auditions. It's been rather intense. Today was last day of my auditions...I think. Why the intensity? It's for two Shakespeare plays: HENRY V and AS YOU LIKE IT. This will be a first for me if I'm cast in either production. One is for a summer Shakespeare in the Park and the other is a touring group. Anyway, I'm also balancing all of that with my workouts and daily life.

So, I decided this past Saturday to finish my 2 1/2 hour STRONGMAN competition training with a modification of the car deadlift event. I had done sets of lifting with 180lbs in each arm prior to this video. The weight in this is only 90lbs in each arm, but I was more interested in staying focused and delivering the lines as fatigue set in. You don't have to watch the whole video since it's a little over 2 minutes. Now, I did miss a few words, but pretty much nailed all of it. Also, this monologue is one of my favorites from Shakespeare. It captures everything you need to hear to get yourself pumped up going into a competition, a difficult task, a team challenge, and remembering that you can achieve what you put your heart and mind to. It won't be easy, but if we come together, "...(you) will be my brother."

Rather huge

It's just past 7:30am, and I've been up since 4. Why? I'm studying a new monologue for an audition for this weekend and couldn't get it off my mind. This monologue/audition is a first for me...and it's rather huge. Back to work.


Looking Forward to 2017

In 2017, filming should begin again for the sci-fi horror movie BLIND FEAR. I'm excited to shoot this feature because of the diverse and talented cast and director. Also, it's going to be done primarily on green screen. Cool.


Motivation Monday

Motivation can be such a personal experience, or one that all can be moved by. I have quotes, songs, images, people, and activities that can get me going. At times I go into whatever it is I'm doing already motivated, or it strikes me when I'm beginning to fail. Many times I still fail, but I gave it my best, and that is a victory right there...especially when everyone sees or hears it. The fact that I tried it and then knowing what I need to focus on to better myself continues my life journey.

All that being said, remember to first believe in yourself. It may not happen immediately, but keep working at it and those mountains will become mole hills.

Top pic is from HAMILTON. The bottom one is from THE COLOR PURPLE. Both outstanding musicals.

Acting Life

Sometimes this acting life of mine has some comparisons to my former Navy life. For example, 0630 call time his morning. Sure it's early and I had to leave at 0400. No problem. Besides, I know the drill..."Hurry up and wait." Very applicable in this line of work, too. I don't mind it at all. It's all part of the rush when you book acting/modeling jobs. Furthermore, there is little to no traffic at this time. Sweet. It will be a much different story when I leave the set, though. Ugh. LOL

Me Llamo Carlos

This time last year I was on set filming this print ad for TD Bank. It was a quick afternoon of filming and a great time. Anyway, the ad started appearing in circulars and branches in Philadelphia and NYC. Cool. Well, a buddy let me know it's also in Spanish. Very cool. So, me llamo es Carlos.



I had to wait to post these pics from this once in a lifetime event I was honored to be a part of this past week. I was one of the motorcade drivers for Vice President Joe Biden's staff and support. The amount of pride and patriotism I felt was reminiscent of when I enlisted in the Navy.


Saint Agnes Healthcare Commercial

While watching the U.S. Olympic Diving trials, two cool things happened. First, we have someone representing us named Steele Johnson. Steele Johnson. What a great name! Then, I saw a new version of the Saint Agnes Healthcare commercial that's been playing for the past month and a half. Yes, that is a real nicotine patch I put on. No, I don't smoke.