Deadlifts and monologues

For the past two weeks, I've been working at perfecting my enunciation, body language, and emotions for three auditions. It's been rather intense. Today was last day of my auditions...I think. Why the intensity? It's for two Shakespeare plays: HENRY V and AS YOU LIKE IT. This will be a first for me if I'm cast in either production. One is for a summer Shakespeare in the Park and the other is a touring group. Anyway, I'm also balancing all of that with my workouts and daily life.

So, I decided this past Saturday to finish my 2 1/2 hour STRONGMAN competition training with a modification of the car deadlift event. I had done sets of lifting with 180lbs in each arm prior to this video. The weight in this is only 90lbs in each arm, but I was more interested in staying focused and delivering the lines as fatigue set in. You don't have to watch the whole video since it's a little over 2 minutes. Now, I did miss a few words, but pretty much nailed all of it. Also, this monologue is one of my favorites from Shakespeare. It captures everything you need to hear to get yourself pumped up going into a competition, a difficult task, a team challenge, and remembering that you can achieve what you put your heart and mind to. It won't be easy, but if we come together, "...(you) will be my brother."