Happy Aloha Friday!

This is crushing my soul a bit. I'm sitting in my hotel room, waiting until my call time for a national tv show being filmed locally here in WV. The waiting isn't crushing me, it's the huge mental mountain I'm staring at since last night.

It's Open season in the world of CrossFit. 17.1 is taunting me and I want to attack it. Dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs. Lots of them. I'm just excited to participate because I had to drop out of the Open last year due to injuring my right knee. I'm feeling so much more comfortable with my all around fitness and have been working out without my knee brace and sleeves for months. Ugh. I want to do it now, but I can't risk being overly exhausted or injured before filming. I can't do it during the weekend because I'm at an intensive acting seminar all weekend in NYC.

I know...whaaaaaa!

Anyway, have a great weekend and Happy Aloha Friday!