No Pressure

When I first auditioned for this Peter Pan prequel, I wasn’t asked to sing, but I did anyway. I sang a humorous song a cappella and I had the director laughing throughout the song and then joining me doing “jazz hands” when I finished.

I took a huge chance doing that since I wasn’t asked, but I was riding a wave of success coming off of the play I just finished. I believed in myself and my abilities to just go for it. I walked out feeling very confident and ready for more. It all paid off when I got the callback notification and then the email saying I was cast.

Now, this is going to be another great acting challenge and opportunity since I haven’t done a play like this one in years AND it’s being locally produced, so more of my friends and former coworkers, students, and current students will get to see me act on stage for the first time. Yeah, no pressure Wellman.