DIASPORA, TX is Wrapped

Well, DIASPORA, TX is now over. I’ve been fortunate to work with talented actors and directors with many projects, and this production continued that trend. I really enjoy live theater as each show brings a new reaction to what’s been rehearsed and how the audience reacts. This play was an emotional story to tell since it involved so many themes that brought happiness, heartache, and individual awakening. Thank you to our director, Samantha Lee Manas, for bringing us together to tell Gary Jaffe’s original script to the stage. Also, thank you to Sarah Villegas, Priscilla Diaz, Jacques Leon, Lisa Dennett, and Samantha Talbott for accepting me as the last member of the cast. We shared some great laughs during rehearsal and in the dressing room. I loved working with them and hope we get to work together again. Even though we are now moving on to other projects, auditions, continued acting classes and their methods, and ultimately hearing those two glorious words, “You’re booked!” and the exact opposite, “(nothing)”, I’m still exhilarated we got to share a month together for six shows that showcased our diverse cast and our professionalism to this art. Cheers to all of you astonishing actors, our punctilious director, and our ingenious writer. Aloha ‘Oe.