I workout at least 5 days a week doing CrossFit. I've been doing it since May of last year and I love it! I have never been in this all around good shape. It has helped my strength, cardio, endurance, and evened out my muscles.
Well, a couple weeks ago I was on set for a major studio production to be released next year, and was told I was "too big" for the shirtless scenes they were going to film that day. It's a period piece and well, they needed skinny and toned.
Yes, a part of me was crushed, but I completely understand. However, I'm not going to change my workout routine. I love where I'm at physically and will continue to workout and compete to maintain my health.
This video is from my last partner competition...
*In later scenes in the production, I was able to go shirtless and even earned a new nickname. LOL More on that later.