Throughout my acting journey, I've met some incredibly talented people both in front and behind the camera. Two years ago when I met Jeff Swisher on the set of DEVIL IN JERSEY, we shared laughs between our takes and crushed our scenes together. We later carried that professional working relationship to the webseries, CHOICES, which is nearing its series finale. Well, I just wrapped my scene for his first comedy, MATCH.COMEDY, last night and had a blast.

This comedy is absolutely ridiculous and a throwback to 70's humor. Good fun. I also got to act again with the multi-talented and beautiful, Julie Stackhouse. She continues to amaze me with her attention to detail for each scene, her acting, and creativity. She is a gift behind the camera and so easy to work with. Those who have the opportunity to have her as part of your production, consider your project to go beyond your own vision. This was my second comedy and I'm so glad I got to work with Jeff and Julie. I'm looking forward to our next collaboration. Well, enjoy the pics from the scene. Thanks again, Jeff, for including me with your project and taking care of your actors and crew.