Independent Horror at it's Best

I purposefully waited to make this next post because the current time is significant to the origin of how I became involved with my current project.

At the end of last year, I followed up on a casting call that had passed its deadline. I thought I'd touch base with the production team and submit my headshot, resume, and reel and see if there were any small parts still available. I was contacted and told that they would keep me in mind, but the writer wanted to know what I thought of his script anyway. I knew it was a horror script, so I waited until 11:30 at night, the current time, and turned off all of the lights. Except my small reading light. I wanted to set the tone to be startled, scared, and terrified.

By page 3, my mind started playing tricks on me as I visualized what the director had written, and I started to become hesitant about what was on the next page. By the end, I was pretty shaken up by what I had just read and didn't want to be in the dark anymore. It was rather scary and I shared my thoughts about the story with the writer the next day.

James Collins, the writer, was pretty stoked about my review. I told him how I created horrific scenes in my imagination and his words and description left me shaking. James then offered me a part in his movie. Of course I said, "Yes!"

So, this past Sunday was a busy day in my acting life. I spent 1/2 the day wrapping, I PROMISE, and then had to shake that story off to focus on my scene in, DOUBLE-WALKER.

I once again have surrounded myself with more great actors and a talented crew. This is my first time working with actors, Matthew Simberg and Elizabeth Gaynor. They have been great to be around and make being on set fun...despite the horror movie we're in. We've actually filmed other scenes, but Sunday night was the first time I saw them in make-up. So, enjoy the pics as we work hard for one more day of filming.