During my walk with Kona tonight, I was listening to a best of Peter Gabriel album. I started to get a bit emotional because it took me back to 1990 during my first six months on Oahu while stationed at Pearl Harbor.

I didn't know anyone but my coworkers, had 0 friends, my family and life back in DE, and so I was pretty much alone in paradise. However, I didn't let that stop me. I got to know my way around the island by taking The Bus everywhere. I had my SONY Walkman (yes, tapes) and listened to Peter Gabriel's album, Shaking The Tree, many times from base to Waikiki. The album is full of great songs, but one really hit me hard while I was alone: Don't Give Up.

If you know this song, then you know how powerful the lyrics are and how they can help you refocus if you're down. If you're not familiar with it, give it a listen.

"Rest your head. You worry too much. It's going to be alright. When times get rough, you can fall back on us. Don't give up. Please don't give up."