Bam Bam!

When I was originally cast as one of Crazy Horse's warriors, I was told on set that I was too big in size and needed to keep my shirt on. Historically, Indians were lanky, but still very strong. Well, this was a bit upsetting because it was in the middle of August and very hot. The costumes were all authentic leather, buckskin, animal fur, and various beads. I know...whaaaaa! Many of the costumes were the same ones used in DANCES WITH WOLVES. Anyway, for this battle scene, the stunt coordinator had us all line up in full costume and decided which weapon to give us. While others were given rocks, tomahawks, and bow and arrows (they were all magic), he took one look at me and said, "You get the club. Is that okay Bamm Bamm?...and lose the shirt."

Bamm Bamm!?! Bamm Bamm?...Bamm Bamm!
(he was the club swinging baby of Barney and Betty Rubble from THE FLINTSTONES cartoon)

The Union soldier/stuntman I was paired with choreographed our fight scene and had me take a few punches and then over power him as I eventually swung my rubber club like...Bamm Bamm...and crushed his skull.

The other scenes I was in are not as exciting, but more dramatic. I don't have any lines and I'm not upset about that. I can't speak Lakota and didn't want to attempt it. The other Indians were more comfortable with the language and actual Sioux Indians. I was just very happy to be a part of this production and look forward to the rest of the series.