I absolutely love being given a script and then acting in front of the camera. With the right editor, sound, set, lighting, make up, effects, props, other actors, and director, you can look like a cool million. It's a rush and a very close rush to the experience of performing on stage.

In the stage play DUET, I'm playing Dan, a veteran of the suicide experience. Julio Valentin is playing Ben, a younger man new to the unfortunate and sad life choice. Our characters have a chance encounter on the ledge of a high-rise building as they prepare to take their last step into eternity.

The past two weeks, our director Jake King, has been guiding Julio and me as we explored our characters, analyzed each line, and kept us in check to tell this emotional story. On Saturday, the curtain goes up at the Davenport Theater in NYC and we will get to do what we love. This will be my 7th time to be in front of a live audience and I love that each show presents a different experience.