Throwback Thursday!

It wasn't until high school that I started to enjoy reading. My junior year I read classics like THE GRAPES OF WRATH, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST. I remember tearing up as Chief ended McMurphy's pain at the end and then applauding his sense of freedom as he left the institution. Watching the movie only enhanced my experience with this classic. So, when I read that a local theater was having a casting call for the stage adaptation of the book, I jumped at the chance to audition.

I originally auditioned for Chief, but didn't get it. It made sense though. They really needed someone with great height and build to fill that role. I was six inches too short and 40lbs to light. I ended up being cast as one of Nurse Ratched's aides and it was a great role for me.

The cast was top notch and we had a great time performing the show. Even though we stuck to the script and new all our cues, the opening of the second act was different each show as the actors in the ward found a new and hilarious way to express their characters emotional abandonment. The audience loved it and everyone was laughing hysterically at the circus going on. I even got into it and the director had to wave me down to go break it up. Okay, so I missed my cue on that one.

Well, I have only done one other stage production since then because I'm primarily doing film, TV, and commercial and print modeling, but my time with this cast is definitely one of the highlights of my acting journey. #tbt