Personal Process

In DEEP UNDERCOVER, I'm playing a police Captain in this heavy drama. I like this character because he's very calm and honest. I've played a police Capt. who was the complete opposite...quite fun. Anyway, he cares about his officers and his world is about to explode as his investigation into recent murders starts to unveil who may have really killed his son. What I'm also liking about this production is the high amount of professionalism on set and the actors showing up ready to work with their lines learned, characters developed, and openness to improv to take the scene beyond the writers and directors vision.

We nailed some more scenes this past weekend and we have a lot more to shoot. Some of my biggest and more challenging scenes are coming. I'll be ready.

"Acting is a very personal process. It has to do with expressing your own personality, and discovering the character you're playing through your own experience - so we're all different."
-Sir Ian McKelkan