Throwback Thursday! 2 Years Ago

Two and a half years ago, I went to a casting for the urban webseries, CHOICES. My audition was for a character who was the best friend of one of the main characters. As I read/performed the lines, I knew I wasn't right for the part. I sounded like Carlton from Fresh Prince trying to sound tough. No. The director had me read the lines for the police captain, Capt. Peter Nelson. That also didn't go well and it didn't help that two of the cast were actual Philadelphia police officers and correcting me with every read.
I'm so thankful the director, Deliah, believed in me and let me find/create the character for three weeks. I watched THE WIRE and started to find the Captain. I knew going into one of the rehearsals I needed to let it all out and just believe in myself or I was going to be fired or given a smaller part. So, I went for it and after the scene rehearsal, the cast applauded me for my performance and the director had a huge smile and jubilantly said, "Yes! I have my captain!"
CHOICES is coming to an end and I'm so thankful for the friends, colleagues, lessons, and my self-confidence to work outside of my comfort zone. So many great memories.
That being said, based on the collage...Captain Nelson, RIP? Hmmm.
*The writer and I went back and forth for about a month on whether to kill my character.