QFlix Festival and Movie Premiere

Last night was the premiere of LUV DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE in Philadelphia. The host of the movie gave a very emotional speech about the director, Mikal Odom, and his dedication to his film. Mikal was then introduced to the audience and thanked his cast and crew for helping to make his 15 year journey come to life. He had us stand up and be recognized. As I looked around at the rather packed theater, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of pride and appreciation for being cast in this movie...and I still had not seen it.

Well, I found the movie to be spectacular! The lead actor, Nathaniel Ryan, was mesmerizing. I really got to know his character and was positively moved by his struggles as he had to adjust to his new way of life. Also, Nathaniel's transformation was impeccable acting. He didn't need heavy makeup to show how his character's disease was wearing his body down. I'm so honored to have worked with him and look forward to his next movie.

The other lead, Robert Mack, completely humanized his character and filled the traditional roles of comedy relief, protagonist, antagonist, and won me over with his range of acting. He really poured so much into his character and I found myself wanting to shake his hand after the movie to let him know how great of a performance he did. Understand I never shared any dialogue with him.

I also need to give accolades to Ali Ce. I've known her for a year and a half through acting networking events, and a webseries we did last year, CRAZY, SEXY, COOL The Webseries. We've gotten to know each other better through FB, too. Anyway, she played the niece of Nathaniel's character and was also exceptional as her character struggled with all of the daily heartbreaking events throughout the movie. She portrayed patience in ways that most of us probably would have just given up with. Alice is a very talented and beautiful woman who is an inspiration and one of the most amiable actresses I've gotten to know in a short amount of time.

I also need to thank Alice for recommending me to Mikal for the part I did in the movie. Again, this role was something entirely new for me since I've only played straight characters. After this part, I have the confidence to go after any audition and creatively work within or outside of my norm. So, when I saw my scene start, I obviously knew what was coming, but watching and hearing the audience's reaction was exactly what I wanted to happen. I don't want to give it away, but many people congratulated me on my part during the reception after the movie.

As the credits rolled, I looked over at Carmen for her approval and she was wiping away her tears between clapping from such a beautiful movie experience. She liked my scene and said I was once again fortunate to be part of a great production and work with some wonderful and talented people. I couldn't agree more. The entire cast and crew were exceptional!

After the Q/A, the reception, and pictures, Carmen and I celebrated at an amazing Asian Cuisine restaurant. I highly recommend you try Sampan if you're in center city Philadelphia. Also drink one of the various Sake's with your meal and try the Crab Wonton Tacos. So delicious.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you for your continued support with my acting adventures.