Happy Aloha Friday Update

Happy Aloha Friday!
I'm traveling back to WVA this morning to continue filming for a new miniseries. I'm very proud to be a part of this project since its part of the history of The United States. Today is just a one day shoot, but next week is a two day shoot with one day of rehearsal for an epic battle scene. Great fun!

Earlier this week, I posted about the short film, THOSE BURIED BENEATH, being part of the NYC Independent Film Festival in October. I'm ecstatic about that opportunity. Well, another short film I was a part of is now a finalist for the INTERSHORT ONLINE FILM AWARD! That film is I PROMISE.

I PROMISE was the first time I worked closely and extensively with a child actor. Zephyr Ingle is a huge talent and I both adore and appreciated her professionalism throughout the movie. Especially with the more emotional scenes. At such a young age she is a total pro and I'm looking forward to seeing her future projects. I also got to work with one of my favorite actresses, Jeni Miller, who continues to be a mentor and a friend. All of the actors and crew were such a pleasure to meet and work with. Deirdre McCullagh wrote and directed this film. It came from her heart and I'm happy that her efforts are being acknowledged and rewarded.