Prince Concert in DC

Well, it's now been three days since the Prince concert in DC. I'm still as stoked as I was when I first saw him in 1988. It was the LOVESEXY tour then and now he's doing the HIT N RUN TOUR.
So much music in between then and now and his stage show hasn't slowed down one bit. He's still playing his guitar and keyboards like a master and you can tell he's up there just having a good time jamming his songs out to his fans. I stood up the entire two hour show singing and dancing to every song. At times, he only needed to play the first part of each song and then chorus and EVERYONE was right there with him. If you haven't heard his version of "Nothing Compares To You" (he wrote the song), you need to hear it. Sinead O'Connor's version is haunting and beautiful, but Prince's version is so heartfelt. It pulls at your emotions. Of course I loved hearing his classics like "1999", "Kiss", "You Got The Look", and of course "When Doves Cry", but when he channeled his influences to make him even better, he proved why after 30+ years in the music business he can sell out a show wherever he plays.

He praised artists like Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder. Aaaaaaand speaking of Stevie Wonder, Prince brought him on stage and took a backseat to Stevie Wonder as he played and sang a few of his songs. It must have been humbling for a master musician like Prince to be able to share the stage with someone who has influenced his music. If the show ended with Stevie singing "Superstitious" and Prince only playing guitar, I would have been a very happy fan. It didn't though.

Prince ended this show with what we fans were screaming for..."Purple Rain". It was a ten minute sermon on why he will always be my favorite musician, stage artist, and why he is rocks Prince.