Wrapped with Jeni!

This past Tuesday night, I wrapped my scenes with Jeni Miller for CHOICES. I'm still amazed with the chemistry we had to be able to bring our characters to such a vulnerable arena of honesty, anger, love, and rage. Our emotional journey has not been easy, but I can firmly say that only she could make our scenes work by elevating me to a higher level when we're in the moment. I can't thank her enough for not only being a mentor, but also a friend. It was a dream of mine two years ago to work with her, and now that we have, well, I can sit back with a huge smile knowing we did it. Thank you again, Jeni. Also, thank you Delia Ruffin, our director and writer for our scenes, her talented daughter Shaieynne (also a writer, actress, camera person, and singer), Matthew Rivers, Adria Harrington, the crew of Ahighheel Prod, and Victoria Stevens for helping to make our final scenes spectacular. CHOICES Season 2 will be premiering in November.