Restoration - First Performance

It's almost midnight, and I'm on a bus from NYC back to Philly. I don't mind that it's so late because the MEGABUS driver is in control. I wouldn't want to be driving out of the city and the NJ Turnpike at this hour.
The first performance of RESTORATION went well. A few things need to be easily tuned, but otherwise, we nailed it. I will say that someone in the audience was "whispering" to her friend during the beginning of our show. Excuse me, Miss. Yes, you. Please stop. Thank goodness it didn't completely distract me or Chelsea, but come on. Respect the actors. I now get why Hugh Jackman lost it during one of his stage shows when someone's phone started ringing.
Anyway, an audition in Baltimore tomorrow and then one more show on Friday. Good fun.