Gamut of Emotions

Well, since Monday I've been going strong with auditions and acting for CHOICES Season 2. I had to run a gamut of emotions for various scenes which brought out rage, frustration, anger, despair, happiness, and jubilation. At one point I had to revisit my final moments with Ikaika to help me get through a heart wrenching scene. I didn't realize how drained I was from all of it until I fell asleep last night within seconds of putting my head on my pillow.

I absolutely love acting and looking forward to the final cuts. More so, I love working with different actors as we learn to trust each other as we get more familiar with our characters. One new actor I got to work with was NeJcion Davis. He's quite a presence on screen. I've seen some of his other scenes! He will grab your attention as you get familiar with his character. Great guy, too! I also got to work with Sarah Del Ricci. We did a project last summer, DEVIL IN JERSEY, but never shared a scene because our characters had no reason to cross paths. Well, I asked Sarah to audition after seeing her performance in a rough cut of JERSEY, and she nailed it and brought to life a character who took the production team over five months to cast and multiple rewrites. Sarah's owns her character and was such a pleasure to work with. Our first scenes are now in the capable hands of our director/editor, Delia Ruffin, and I know she's going to continue to make all of us look like rock stars.

And one other thing. I booked another gig with a national corporation! Sweet.