An Amazing Fellow Actor

I love the acting circle in Philadelphia. I've met some amazing actors, writers, producers, models, and directors. Last year I met Julie Stackhouse through Facebook and then in person at one of Loren W. Lepre's Philly Philm Phunctions. A great networking event for us. Julie impressed me with her sense of humor and seriousness to not only acting, but everything that goes into the production. Sound, lighting, camera angles, and editing...she knew it all. Later on in the year I was fortunate to work with her on the series finale episode of FLOUR. We shared so many laughs on set as we powered through a scene where we both broke character because of the action/comedy going on. You can see us losing it during the blooper scenes as the credits roll at the end of the episode.

I was able to recently see and hear Julie perform in a way that made me want to further praise her for her talents and skills. Julie has a true gift to this business and I'm glad I have worked with her and will be again next month in another comedy written by our friend, Jeff Swisher.

Julie, cheers to you and all of your hard work.