2010 Far Point Browncoats:Redemption Panel

The east coast experienced a brutal February winter storm that left feet of snow on the ground.  This, however, didn’t stop the hearty fans of the Farpoint convention from attending.

Cast photo at the Farpoint convention

Director/Writer/Co-Producer Michael C. Dougherty and Producer Steve Fisher hosted a well attended Browncoats:Redemption panel that included a majority of the main cast.  The first half hour was dedicated to relaying the history and charity mission of this project as well as releasing the third trailer for the movie.  This trailer reveals more of the story and gives a great view some of the worlds and locations in the ‘verse.  

The second half hour of the panel was dedicated to an open Q&A of the cast. The panel in its entirety is embedded below (duration: 54 minutes).  To view only the trailer shown at this panel, skip to the second embedded video.