Guy Wellman

Height:  5’ 9                                                                        
Weight:  200 lbs.
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown

phone: (215) 839-6832



The Continuing Adventures of                 Robert Afette                          Tilted Strait Productions
      Robert Afette

Z*Con                                                         Hardman                                 Big Damn Fan Films

Best Laid Plans                                          Lenny                                      Drexel Student Films

Myra's Angels                                            Lou                                          A Dub-C-Ville Production

Friends From the Neighborhood                 Carlo                                         856 Films

Work/Life                                                       Businessman                            Consurgo Films

Devil In Jersey                                              Lodi Mount                                Starmada Media

Leech Brain                                                  Dean Harry Stanton                  Junko Cinema Productions

Hackers Can’t Be Choosers                        George                                      University of the Arts Films

Vigilance                                                       Lieutenant                                 Mike Kerbaugh Productions

Snake Oil                                                      Salesman                                   Drexel Student Films

My Friends                                                   Faco                                            Reel Goode Productions

A Convenient Truth                                    Juan Pepe                                   Living Daylight Pictures

Browncoats: Redemption                          Dr. Cameron Alan                       Big Damn Fan Films


Web Series

Crazy Sexy Cool                                     Dr. Carwen                            7th Seed Productions

Flour                                                        Jack                                       Purple Shamrock Media

The Drive                                                 Richard                                 AK-47 Productions

Sisterly Disorder                                         Bo                                            Luna K Productions

Tilted Straits                                                Richard Nicely                        Tilted Straits Productions

Choices                                                       Capt. Peter Nelson                 AHigh Heels Productions

Depleted                                                     Armando Rios                         DrastiQ Entertainment Productions

Exile                                                             Timothy                                   Twenty-third Street Productions

Damned                                                      Raguel                                      Sylvain Films



Going Strong                                             Featured                                  NJ Board of Tourism



Restoration                                                  Bartender                                John Chatterson’s Small Play Lab

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest            Aide Williams                          Tidewater Theatre


Industrial Film

Vestra                                                          FBI Agent                                 SAI Global

American College Case Study                Steve Travino                           Digital Media


Eoin O’Shea, Improvisational Instruction, Diane Heery Casting, Philadelphia, PA
Pat McDade, Film Acting 2, Diane Heery Casting, Philadelphia, PA
Pat McDade, Film Acting 1, Diane Heery Casting, Philadelphia, PA
George DiCenzo, Actor’s Workshop, Crane Art Center, Philadelphia, PA
Pat McDade, Private Coaching, Diane Heery Casting, Philadelphia, PA
Donna Marrazzo, Private Coaching, Mike Lemon Casting, Philadelphia, PA
Mike Lemon, Film Acting, Mike Lemon Casting, Philadelphia, PA
Donna Marrazzo, Basic Acting, Mike Lemon Casting, Philadelphia, PA

Special Skills
Coed Cheerleading, High School Cheerleading Coach, Competitive Swimming, Surfing, Canoeing, Volleyball, Basic Sailing, Weightlifting, CrossFit Trained, Basic Military Instruction (US Navy Veteran 1989 - 1995), Classroom Teaching and Management, ambiguous ethnic look (Polynesian, Hispanic, Native, Central, and South American Indian), Hula and Haka dancing